Vincci Tips

Event organiser's guide.
In Vincci Hotels we know that organising an event is a powerful and effective promotional and marketing tool that enables a company to present its products and services to customers in a more personal way. Vincci Hotels wants your event to be a success from start to finish and for this to happen it is essential that all aspects of the occasion are carefully planned.

These are our recommendations:

  •  1. The objectives of the event should be clearly defined; what is the goal and what is the desired outcome? This should be done at the outset to ensure that the event is a useful one.
  • 2. The target audience should be identified; who is the event aimed at?.
  • 3. The budget for organising the event should be known by all concerned.
  • 4. The event's unique character should be clearly defined; this entails knowing the issues that are to be discussed, the kind of people who will attend, the organisations holding or sponsoring the event and any VIP guests. The combination of all these elements will make the event attractive and generate interest.
  • 5. The organiser should familiarise themselves with the company's internal resources and the people who make up the working group.
  • 6. Creativity is important, as the event must be original, but it is also vital to create both an environment and an experience that are in tune with achieving communication objectives.  Imagination, innovation and learning from other people's experience, using successful elements from other events and adapting them to a specific company and its sector; all are vital tools for the event organiser.
  • 7. The programme should be well-defined, well-paced and should flow well. The event agenda should be clearly and attractively organised.
  • 8. Suppliers should be carefully selected, identifying the type of suppliers required and their characteristics, the risks and opportunities associated with each one. Good supplier coordination ensures maximum quality and minimum risk.
  • 9. The search for location and selection of the venue where the event is to be held, whether it is suitable for the purpose, with easy access and of adequate size, are all important steps. Vincci Hotels can offer a range of alternatives that can be adapted for any type of event.
  • 10. Publicising the event aids brand development. Publicity must be creative to attract attention and draw people in. All possible methods should be employed: telemarketing, Internet, e-mail messages, personalised direct marketing, public relations, collaboration with communication media (radio, TV, newspapers), company associates.
  • 11. The event organisational hierarchy needs to be planned and defined. There must be a single responsible person to whom all enquiries can be addressed.
  • 12. On the big day, there are a huge number of activities to be coordinated and potential risks to be dealt with. The organiser must be prepared and armed with the plan so that no activity details or checks are forgotten, the team is coordinated and the event is a resounding success.
  • 13. Work continues after the event is finished, as the post-event analysis is essential for measuring results and outcomes. If these have been set out in advance, they can be assessed and shared with the rest of the company. Business outcomes should be identified (contracts finalised, contracts agreed, etc.), amount of coverage given to the event by the media, the number of people attending, etc. These results should be kept for comparison with the next event and for improvement and development purposes, particularly if the event is a regular occurrence.

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